Self Portrait

Jason Oliva


20″ x 32″, acrylic on canvas

Jason Oliva was born in Union, New Jersey in 1970. His childhood and teenage years were mainly spent reading comic books, being astonished by Star Wars and motoring around the waters of New Jersey and New York on his father’s boat. Skateboarding also featured heavily – the influence of both the people and places that were a part of that time continuing on today.

From 1989-1992 Jason studied finance at The George Washington University, became a comic book dealer and worked at several music venues, one of which was Constitution Hall where he had a strange encounter with Bob Dylan. In 1992, at the ripe old age of 21, Jason left Washington, D.C. for New York City where he began trading options on the floor of the American Stock Exchange, continuing to do so until early 2002

Jason had been drawing and painting since childhood and never really stopped. In 2000, while still at the Exchange and having built-up a body of artwork, he had his first art show at John Allan’s Men’s Club in downtown Manhattan. The show sold out
… and so Jason’s art career officially began. Since 2002 he has had further shows at John Allan’s Downtown, Midtown, Saks Fifth Avenue and CBGB’s 313-art gallery.

In 2007 Jason swapped his New York studio for a studio in Norfolk, England, where he lived  until October 2009.
 He has since swapped studios again and is now living in the south of France until further notice.

Collections of works on canvas painted while living in England and France between 2007-2010 are now on permanent display at New York Vintners (21 Warren St. NYC) where Jason maintains his permanent NYC studio. Shows are currently being planned for 2011 in NYC.

If you would like to purchase or commission a painting, or discuss any of Jason’s work please feel free to contact him.


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