[Hand painted editions on paper]

For years people have asked me for prints of my original paintings but I have never been a  fan of mechanical reproductions so I  steered clear of  it all.  Then I met Rosenquist  who turned me on to Arches Paper and I thought why not hand paint each one?… I love doing the work and everyone deserves an original painting.

Hand Painted Editions on Arches Paper

The works on paper act in many ways like a traditional limited edition print – i.e. the same image is reproduced a limited number of times and hand-signed by the artist. While I wanted to offer smaller images of my one-off works on canvas in the form of prints, I couldn’t help but feel that an image produced using machine technology would perhaps lack the individual and personal character found within the original painting.

Jason Oliva Signing the 50th Buddha Hand Painted Edition on Paper

Solving the Dilemma….

To solve this dilemma I decided to not only hand-paint each work on paper but to also use the same paints as those used in the original, as a means of capturing the same vibrancy in color.Each limited edition print is therefore as close to the original  painting as is possible and because each of these works are hand-painted, not one work is the same. With this in mind, owning a limited edition work on paper is very similar in spirit to owning an original, one-off work on canvas.
I am offering limited edition works on paper of a number of images, including: Buddha,  Eiffel Tower, Astronaut, Baseball, Football,Stripey Horse, Lion, Dragon, Ticker Taper, Gorilla , Rose and The Statue of Liberty in three colors from the ‘Art History’ painting.


Each work on paper is hand-painted on heavy Arches paper (22″ x 30″).The Buddha and all other works on paper are priced at $475 unframed, or $600 for double-matted framing under glass with a black Larson Juhls frame. An example of this frame can be seen at my studio in Tribeca.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these works or would like more information please feel free to reach out to me : Jasonoliva@gmail.com.

Visit the Studio!

In addition if  you would like to come down to the studio (21 Warren street in Tribeca, NYC) and look at some art, jewelry and sculpture while also enjoying some wine just let me know, it will be great to see you.