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Why does it always have to be just sitting and eating in a restaurant?

Once upon a time there was an artist named Jason Oliva who moved his studio into the basement of a wine shop.


The wine shop also had an event space, a show kitchen and full time Executive Chef named Ryan Smith.


Everyday while Jason was painting he was surrounded by world class food and wine. One day while out drinking with Chef Ryan Smith, Jason said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a hamburger restaurant called Apocalypse Cow?”

Because of that Chef Ryan Smith replied, “Or how about teaming up and doing a five course all pork dinner with wine pairings and call it Apocalypse Sow?”


…which they did. And then they held a second food and wine happening at New York Vintners called There Will be Fish.


And then they held Jason and Ryans Excellent Vegan Adventure.


Shortly followed by Breaking Bread.

Ryan breaking bad correct logo

And then on February 21st 2013 Down[Town] Abbey.


And the story so far? By pairing food and wine with art and a theme Chef Ryan and Jason Oliva have learned that everyone has a memorable evening.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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