Jason Oliva Sculpture: LION.

Sculpture Jason Oliva Lion

LION 1. 2012. (Sold)



For a number of years I had thought about how I might be able to create a two-dimensional sculpture based upon one of my sold works on canvas. When I completed the painting Lion in 2010, it became clear that this was an image that could really lend itself to a sculpture of this kind.

As luck would have it, it was around this time that a sculptor named Chris wandered into New York Vintners in Tribeca, where I have my studio. I also have a large selection of work hanging on the shop floor walls and walking past, Chris had been unsure whether NYV was a wine shop or an art gallery. Fortunately for me his curiosity got the better of him and in he came. We got talking about my need for an art fabricator and Chris suggested I meet with the owner of Atta Inc,  Karen Atta

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Karen founded Atta Inc in 1985. She is a highly regarded art fabricator so when I met with her and explained to her my ideas for a sculpture, I was thrilled when she agreed to help me realize them. Not long after our meeting, Karen and I began work on producing my first resin cast sculpture LION 1.

Sculpture Jason Oliva Gorilla and Lion

Jason Oliva with original Lion painting. NYC. 2010

LION 1. 2012. Specifics:


  • stands at 13″ tall, is 16″ long and 4″ wide at the base.

  • is cast in resin and weighs approximately 7 lbs.

  • uses the same line work as the orginal painting

  • was colored to match the original painting

  • is signed by Jason Oliva

LION 2. 2013.


LION 1 is now sold. LION 2 has been recently completed and is now on display in Jason’s NYC studio. If you are interested in viewing LION 2 please contact Jason at jasonoliva@gmail.com. The specifics for LION 2 are identical to LION 1.

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