"Luca"- Jason Oliva Brooklyn Studio, November 2006

Jason Oliva
Acrylic on Canvas
Private Collection New York City

Sophie Oliva and Luca Brooklyn Studio 2006

I just discovered a couple of rare shots from my Brooklyn Studio (in D.U.M.B.O) which show the Luca painting just prior to delivery. I like the one with Sophie, it shows the scale of the painting better then my current Facebook picture ever could. We’ve just returned to France after having spent a couple of weeks in the UK where I finished  a portrait commission and two other paintings which I began here in Collioure. We also stopped into London to pick up a custom canvas from John Jones and received a tour of their facility from Andy Wicks (who is a British painter you should check out)

Look out for a couple posts in the next week of the new paintings.

Thank you,