Jason Oliva Paintings at John Allan's NYC locations over the last 10 years.

Jason Oliva Monopoly Print Midtown Manhattan

‘Shark’ 2005 – Jason Oliva and John Allan Sak’s 5th Ave

I have had over a ten year personal and working relationship with John Allan and his family. I am proud to say that it was within John Allan’s downtown location that I launched my art career with the encouragement of JA’s wife Marianna. Over the last ten years I have exhibited paintings at all the JA locations even throughout September 11th when the entire organisation was being run out of a NYC hotel room :

Video from Japanese TV, 2001 with Marianna from John Allan’s

If you have the time visit http://johnallans.com/ and see what they are all about and view some images of the paintings within the clubs. I am sure to have another art show with JA in the foreseeable future.

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