Jason Oliva studio visit from modern art master James Rosenquist: 'Stripey Horse' 2011

James Rosenquist and Jason Oliva
Jason Oliva’s Studio in front of:
“Stripey Horse”
Jason Oliva

Meeting and then having James Rosenquist visit my studio has been one of the highlights of my life and art career. He was solely responsible for putting the muscle into the art movement that would be called pop art. Being able to talk about life and art with someone with his accomplishments is something that I have not taken for granted…it has left me altered for sure. Especially having grown up staring at pictures like this:

and epic masterpieces like F-111:

Great stuff!

If anyone else would like to come down to Tribeca (21 Warren St.) for a studio visit just send me an email….there will be wine, or Bourbon


Jason Oliva

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