Jason Oliva [Wine] update : Final label approval for [Stripey Horse] 2008,

Let the labelling begin!
[Stripey Horse]:  “The label” is currently in the process of receiving its various approvals and the bottles will soon be adorned. The bottles have been cellared for over a month and they are over their initial bottle shock. Next step is to get the bottles their passports and buy them all a three and a half week long ocean cruise from South Africa to NYC.
All very exciting!
Also I have created a cool, minimal one page Jason Oliva [Wine] website for everyone to share:
I am  proud of the site and the story it tells. The website has garnished some attention from the largest wine website inSouth Africa along with the 80 year old print publication Wineland:
All very exciting indeed.
Feel free to reach out to me at Jasonoliva@gmail.com and I can provide you with more informaion and even schedule a time to come down to the studio….there will be wine!


Cheers and regards.