'Red Annunciation' 2010 : Recently sold painting by Jason Oliva

‘Red Annunciation’

Jason Oliva


36″ x 60″

Acrylic on Canvas

Frame by World Trade Art Gallery

Sad to see you go…

I am sad to see this painting leave the studio. Painting an annunciation has always been a desire of mine and I dedicated most of my time in Florence toward that end. I worked on the drawing and painting in Florence, Greece and completed it while in North Carolina and now it will be owned by a Florentine in NYC. The frame was provided by The World Trade Art Gallery in lower Manhattan. Jane and Doug have been in business for 30 years and I have been working with them since 1994.

Shane speaking

I always liked this picture of the pre framed painting hanging in New York Vintners it really shows the color and scale well. Shane is speaking to an event about…..Wine.

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In addition if  you would like to come down to the studio (21 Warren street in Tribeca, NYC) and look at some art, jewelry and sculpture while also enjoying some wine just let me know, it will be great to see you.

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