Last of the Fine Wine: Jason Oliva Wine [Stripey Horse] 2008 Vintage



Hello Everyone,

Last call for alcohol! There are less then 20 bottles of Stripey Horse available out of the original 250 bottles and 20 Magnums(sold out). I will be offerring these remaining bottles until December 25th after that they will go into the wine library to be used for future wine events and tastings. If you are interested in collecting one of these remaining gems please email me at:

Have no fear though the next vintage is just on the horizon and now is the time to reserve your allocation of [Astronaut] 2009! Click Here for more information and to also contact me with questions or orders.

It has been an amazing holiday season and I would like to take a moment and thank everyone for their support! I will be in the studio (Below New York Vintners 21 Warren Street) up to and including Xmas day to help provide you with all your last minute gift needs so drop in have some wine and see what I am working on too. 🙂

Jason Oliva Racehorse

Thanks and Cheers

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Sterling Silver Rose tinted Lion Jason Oliva Jewelry