Bill Harlan and the Ubiquitous Journey that Led to Harlan Estates: Jason Oliva's Studio

Bill Harlan Will Harlan Jason Oliva Studio

Will Harlan and Bill Harlan in Jason Oliva’s Studio May 2013


Vertical of Harlan Estate

In May of 2013 I was fortunate enough to spend an evening with Bill Harlan, Will Harlan his son and Director of Harlan Estate Don Weaver while tasting a vertical of the Harlan Estate wines at New York Vintners.

It was inspiring to talk with Bill Harlan about his life’s journey and how a simple documentary film he shot about Napa Valley led to the creation of one of the most renowned wine estates in the world. Listening to Bill talk, you really get the sense of how life looking backwards seems so well scripted but looking forward can be filled with so much disequilibrium.

For anyone who would like to follow in Bill’s ubiquitous footsteps the journey is pretty easy so let me lay it out for you:

-Parking cars
-Racing Motorcycles
-Water polo coach
-Flight school
-Merchant Marine
-Securities Business
-Mortgage Banking
-Real Estate Development
-Romantic Dream
-Lots of “Psychic Energy”
Then add 12 years of Blood sweat and tears=Harlan Estate



HARLAN ESTATE BOOK Observations from the Hillside Napa Wine Winery 

Bill Harlan also explored his simple philosophy prior to founding Harlan Estate.

The best companies over the centuries are:
1. Based on Land
2. Family Owned
3. No debt (helps you make it through the impossible times)


Bill Harlan, Jason Oliva and Will Harlan

Bill Harlan Harlan-Estate-Jason-Oliva-Don-Weaver

 Jason Oliva with Director of Harlan Estates Don Weaver

Thanks again to Bill Harlan, Will Harlan and Don Weaver for a great night of wine and wisdom. Hope to see you all soon.


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