Unboxing Video: Jason Oliva Fine Jewelry.


Jason Oliva Fine Jewelry. Unboxing Video of Sterling Silver, Buddha, Pendant Necklace.

UnBoxing Video: Jason Oliva Fine Jewelry

Jason Oliva NYC ArtistJason Oliva Fine Jewelry is available in both 18K White Gold and Sterling Silver, either as a framed or cut-out pendant necklace. Some pieces are also available as variations of Sterling Silver with either a Rose or Black Rhodium tint. For a protective coating all pieces are dipped in Rhodium. Each pendant comes with an 18inch or 24 inch ball chain also dipped in Rhodium. And, as demonstrated above, each jewelry piece is presented in its own unique, hand signed box.

Pendant Necklace Designs

Alongside BUDDHA , Jason Oliva’s pendant necklaces are currently available in the following designs: ASTRONAUT, DRAGON, DRAGONFLY, GORILLA, LION, ROSE and STRIPEY HORSE.

Find Out More!

If you would like to find out more or view the above jewelry pieces, please contact Jason at jasonoliva@gmail.com to arrange a studio visit. Or just come along to an Open Studio on Thursday. All are welcome!

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