Jason Oliva Works On Paper: Dreaming Of A White Christmas


Buddha and Astronaut. Medium Works on Paper. White. Framed.

Works on Paper: White Variations.

My first Works on Paper  were always in color. But while I was working on a color Buddha one day I got the idea to create a white variation of  the image. I was at the stage where I had painted the black outline and was about to add color, when I stopped for a moment and thought, ‘This looks great as a non-color image”.  The accidental ideas are often the best!



Rose.  Small Work on Paper. White. Framed.

Works on Paper Details:

Jason Oliva [Works on Paper] are hand painted, hand signed, limited editions of 50 or 100.

The medium is acrylic and ink on 140lbs Cold Press Arches Paper

Each image is available in small, medium or large

Prices include frame but are also available unframed

The variation for each image is Color, White or Grey

Many of the works on paper take their image directly from a sold Jason Oliva work on canvas


Moose. Work on Paper. White. Framed.


Statue of Liberty. Small Work on Paper. White. Unframed.

Find Out More!

Please follow the link to find out more about Jason Oliva [Works on Paper].  You can also view more works at my online store.

If you have any questions or are interested in a work on paper as a holiday gift, please don’t hesitate to contact Jason at jasonoliva@gmail.com




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