Brad Richards, Vietti Wine, New York Vintners and Jason Oliva Join Forces!

A Quick Q & A …

Q: What do you get when you combine New York Ranger’s Brad Richards with Vietti wine, New York Vintners and Jason Oliva?

A: One-Nine.

Q: What is One-Nine?

A: A brilliant, hand-crafted barrel select Barbera!


Brad Richards with Shane Benson. NYC. 2013.

One-Nine … a little history.

When Brad Richards approached the owner of New York Vintners, Shane Benson, with the idea of producing his own brand wine – and when highly regarded Vietti winery owner and winemaker, Luca Currado, was asked to be involved – it was a real honor to then be commissioned by Brad and Shane to draw the wine label for what was to become One-Nine. This was an exciting project to be involved with on numerous levels, not least for the fact that Vietti have a long tradition in artist wine labels.  So when I was asked to draw the label it felt like a respectful tip of the hat to that tradition.


One-Nine artwork with One-Nine bottles.

A little more history …

As some of you know, my interest in artist wine labels goes back many years to the time when I discovered that an artist hero of mine, Keith Haring, had designed a label for Mouton Rothschild back in the 1980’s. Indeed it was this interest, coupled with a fortuitous meeting between myself and talented South African winemaker, Dirk Roos, that led to my establishing Jason Oliva [Wine] in 2010 …. which, of course, also enabled me to fulfill the burning ambition of putting my artwork onto a wine bottle in the form of a label.


Jason Oliva [Wine] Stripey Horse 2008 (2012 release)

To find out more …

Its been a real pleasure to be involved with the One-Nine project. A special thanks to Kyle Kostesich for his graphic design skills and his contribution to the One-Nine label.

For more information about Brad, Vietti, New York Vintners and how to purchase One-Nine, please follow the link.


Brad Richards with Jason Oliva. NYC. 2013.


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