Blast From The Past:Rocket 2009 A Sold Painting By Jason Oliva.


Rocket. 2009. Acrylic on Canvas. 48” x 24”. (Private Collection. London)


Rocket is a work I painted back in 2009 in Norfolk, England where Sophie and I were living at the time. It was also around then that I started the preliminary sketches for the original Astronaut painting. I’m not entirely sure why my work took on this temporary cosmic theme … I had always liked the 1950’s science fiction paperback covers by authors like Heinlein, that featured these generic rocket ships to the moon. Perhaps it was also something to do with how bright the stars are in Norfolk and the fact you can see them, unlike the faint things we see in the sky here in NYC. Or perhaps I was just subconsciously feeling a sense of isolation because I was living in another country. Who really knows!


Rocket and VW Variant. Norfolk. UK. 2009

Blast From The Past: A New Series of Posts.

While browsing through some old photos the other day, I stumbled across these pictures of the Rocket painting and that gave me the idea to start a new series of posts called Blast From The Past. I thought it would be an interesting way of bringing attention not just to my sold paintings but also to some of the developments and themes in my art career to date.


Dragon and Buddha. Norfolk, England, 2009.

The Singular Image

Around the time I painted Rocket I was really flying, no pun intended, with the singular image idea. It all kind of started with the Buddha painting, which I painted mostly in our Norfolk garden. And then came the Dragon painting, the Eiffel Tower, Gorilla, Lion, Stripey Horse, the epic 9 panel Art History Statue of Liberty painting … to name just a few.


Sophie in Norfolk studio. 2009.


 Rocket. 2009.

Studio Visits

Stay tuned for more Blast From The Past posts. And if you would like to view any of my current works for sale or just see what I’m up to, please feel free to drop by my Tribeca studio. Not only will there be art but there will also be wine! To let me know you are on your way, email me at

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