Pelican 2014: A Recently Sold Painting by Jason Oliva


Pelican. 2014. Acrylic on Canvas. NYC. 2014. (sold)

Why Paint a Pelican?

I originally painted a Pelican for the simple reason that one of my collectors asked me to paint one so that they could give it as a gift – not as a work on canvas but as a medium work on paper.  It so happened that I had also been thinking of making a painting that had a dark grey/almost black, velvety background. Although the background of the Pelican work on paper is white, it struck me how this image – with its whites, greys and the Naples yellow and pink of the bird’s bill – would work really well as a large painting, on this type of dark background. Pelican sold in early 2014 and now hangs on the wall in Woodstock, New York, with the painting Cavallo for company.


Jason Oliva with Pelican. NYC. 2014.


Pelican. Small Work on Paper. Framed.

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 Jason Oliva. Gorilla and Lion. New York Vintners. NYC. 2010.

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Moose. Small Work on Paper. Framed.



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