Jason Oliva's Astronaut T. Shirt Goes To Space

How It All Happened

Back in January, I was approached by International Space Station Inventory and Stowage Officer, Anna Vitalis.  While searching online for a Bon Voyage gift for American Astronaut, Scott Kelly, Anna discovered Jason Oliva Astronaut 2010 Wine.

Scott Kelly Jason Oliva Astronaut t shirt

Astronaut Scott Kelly adorning the cover of Time magazine

Scott Kelly, (who you may have seen seated next to Michelle Obama during the President’s recent State of the Union Address) and Russian Cosmonaut, Mikhail Korniynekowill be the first to spend a year in space aboard the International Space Station, during what is classified as Expedition 43.

Scott Kelly Mikhail kornienko Jason Oliva Astonaut cosmonaut t shirt

Veteran Astronaut and Cosmonaut Scott Kelly & Mikhail Korniyenko

To make a long story short, Anna presented a bottle of the Astronaut wine along with Jason Oliva Astronaut T.Shirts to Scott Kelly, Mikhail Korniyenko and their third launch capsule mate, Cosmonaut Gennady Padalka, at Scott Kelly’s farewell party in Houston.

Scott Kelly Mikhail kornirnko genaddy padalka jason oliva astronaut t shirt wine

(L-R) Mikhail Kornienko, Anna Vitalis, Gennady Padalka & Scott Kelly

Throughout the evening Anna sent me several text messages and pictures, including the one’s shown here! And as it turned out, Scott, Mikhail and Gennady decided they would drink the bottle of Astronaut wine together, two nights before their launch. And, even more exciting, they planned to take the Astronaut T.Shirt up into Space to wear during their mission aboard the International Space Station.


Scott Kelly Mikhail kornirnko genaddy padalka jason oliva astronaut t shirt wine

Mikhail, Anna and Scott along with Jason OlivaAstronaut Wine & Shirt

To be honest, when Anna sent word they planned to drink the wine together I was honored. But later, when she sent message that they had decided to take the T.Shirt with them into Space, I was floored.


Party in the studio. Tribeca. NYC. 2015

Jason Oliva’s Astronaut T.Shirt Goes To Space Party

Thanks to everyone who attended the ‘Jason Oliva’s Astronaut T.Shirt Goes To Space Party’. We started early at 3pm, to watch the 3.42pm launch live on NASA TV and partied way beyond the boarding time of  … We were also fortunate enough to be joined by Christopher Mason and his lab team who are doing some of the lead genetic work on the ‘Twin Study’.

Astronaut T.Shirt and Astronaut Work on Paper

                                                              Astronaut. Silk Screen T.Shirt.


If you would like to fine out more about the Astronaut T.Shirt and the Astronaut Work on Paper, please visit our Online Etsy Store.

                                   Astronaut. Small Work on Paper. Edition of 100.

We hope to see you all in a year for the coming home party!


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