Peacock 2015 Commissoned Painting and work on paper by Jason Oliva

Peacock 2015 Commissioned Painting by Jason Oliva


Peacock 2015 Commissioned Painting by Jason Oliva now available as a work on paper.

Hello Everyone,

Peacock was a painting commission that I completed in 2015. The collectors had a very personal experience with peacocks and asked me if I could make one the subject of a painting for them. I was thrilled for obvious reasons, I like painting birds, opportunity for lots of arranged colors and I also like paintings that have a lot of tension of some kind of up coming action…like an un bloomed rose or the tail of a peacock before it unfurls. I was pleased with the outcome and felt others would like the image so I created s small work on paper series around it.


Peacock (Color) framed small work on paper now available


If anyone would like more information about the Peacock small work on paper you can CLICK HERE and as always if you would like to visit the studio feel free to email me at

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