Cinque Terre Italy 2016 Commissioned Painting by Jason Oliva

Cinque Terre Italy 2016 Commissioned Painting by Jason Oliva



Cinque Terre Italy 2016 Commissioned Painting by Jason Oliva


Hello Everyone

Cinque Terre Italy 2016 is 54 x 36 acrylic on canvas and a great example of one of the many commissioned paintings that I have created through out my career. In this instance the commissioning couple had a great time visiting Cinque Terre and reached out to me to create a painting to commemorate all the great memories they created while visiting Italy. I am fortunate enough to have the time to take on 10 or 12 commissions a year…the process is simple for those interested: let me know your idea and if it has not conflicted with something I have already painted then I work on a paper study which later will be made into a painter for the purchasing collector.

What I like most about commissioned paintings is how all the energy that I normally put into thinking abut what to paint goes into how to paint something…its truly a collaboration between myself and the commissioner and the results have been some of my favorite and best paintings.

I put a ton of effort into Cinque Terre and my hope is to be able to reproduce it as a hand painted work on paper…if anyone is interested please let me know. In addition if you would like to discuss commissioning a painting feel free to drop by the studio or email me at

Hope everyone is well


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