Poppy 2013 sold painting by Jason Oliva now available as work on paper editions

Poppy 2013 acrylic on canvas 60×36 by Jason Oliva

Poppy 2013 sold painting by Jason Oliva now available as small and large work on paper editions

I completed and sold Poppy in 2013 and I was excited by the Central Park South apartment wall in which it would hang. I currently had two other works on paper hanging in this collectors apartment a Rose and an Eiffel Tower before long they also would be joined by my three Column Paintings to complete a fine collection in my view. The collection of paintings and works on paper that include Poppy have moved around a bit after leaving NYC for Florida it turns out they are on there way back to NYC.

Poppy 2013 turned out to be a popular image once people had seen the painting online and several requests for work on paper editions of the image appeared in my inbox. I first completed a large Poppy in edition of 50 and then added a small color version in edition of 100. Eventually there will also be a medium sized version in edition of 50 followed by white and grey variations.

If anyone is interested in a Poppy work on paper small or large feel free to reach out to me at:


or visit the online shop for more information by


Hope to see you in the studio.


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