Red Backed Shrike (Dark) 2016: Painting available for purchase by Jason Oliva

Red Backed Shrike 2016 Jason Oliva
Hanging in the Tribeca, NYC studio in 2016

Years ago I lived in England. On a day while walking near the eastern coast outside the city of Norwich I stumbled upon a group of excited bird watchers….I asked what they were viewing…”its a Red Backed Shrike“….apparently a rare bird to see in England since it was blown over to the Island while migrating…it was far from home…as was I having been born in the States. I made a mental note of the birds name and also its beauty and decided to create a Red Back Shrike painting….I could not decide between a light back ground and a dark back ground so I painted them both.


Jason Oliva

Close up Red Backed Shrike painting by Jason Oliva
Painting of a Red Backed SHrike by Jason Oliva
Red Backed Shrike (Dark) 2016 a painting by Jason Oliva 36 x 40 acrylic on canvas

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