Tower Bridge: a new painting available for purchase by Jason Oliva 2009

Tower Bridge
24″ x 36″
Acrylic on canvas
Jason Oliva


Private Collection USA

Second only to the Brooklyn Bridge, Tower Bridge in London is the bridge I have crossed the most by foot. Whenever Sophie and I drop into London we take the same circular walk….Waterloo Station, steps down to the river, left at the London Eye, some expert weaving through a sea of people, a brief stroll along the Thames, then up the steps to Westminster Bridge (now that I think about it I’ve crossed that bridge multiple times too). Once over the bridge, its on towards Embankment and the inevitable stop at Gordon’s Wine Bar. Then it’s a slower stroll towards Tower Bridge, crossing over, briefly stopping to admire the view, then down to the Thames path again for more strolling and expert weaving, past The Clink Prison (at which I always proclaim “So that’s where the term ‘throw ’em in the clink’ comes from”) – more strolling and finally to Tate Modern, lift/elevator straight to the top for a fine view of St. Paul’s (and the sea of cranes scattered around the city’s construction projects – tons of cranes in London!)

As for the appeal of Tower Bridge … I like its easily recognizable silhouette, it makes for an iconic image. In my mind the image of Tower Bridge screams London long before it screams bridge. All of the metaphors and quotes about bridges seem to be about moving forward and not looking back. But in my life this particular bridge and painting reminds me of walking for miles and miles in a circle, alongside Sophie.

Maybe it’s that paradox which compelled me to paint it.


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