‘Five Birds’ 2006 – paintings on paper available for sale by Jason Oliva


Sophie Oliva Birds Jason Oliva UK

Sophie Oliva Studio UK 2009

Jason painted this series of five birds during 2006 when we were living in our 25th floor apartment in NYC. This is the first time they have been made available for sale. From our window you could look down on the birds flying and this always struck a chord with me … usually one is looking up at the birds. I liked these paintings on paper straight away; the simplicity of the line work, color and flatness of the images still managed to capture movement, flight and freedom … the very essence of what it is to be a bird.

Sophie Oliva

‘Five Birds’ 2006 – paintings on paper by Jason Oliva

‘Bird – Blue’
‘Duck – Yellow’
‘Gull – Grey’
‘Seabird – Blue’
‘Owl – Brown’

Acrylic on Strathmore 500 Bristol Paper
Size 29” x 23”
Painted and Signed by Jason Oliva
$500.00 each inclusive of shipping

If you are interested in purchasing or have any further questions please contact us by clicking here: jasonoliva@gmail.com

Jason Oliva

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