[Stripey Horse] 2008 vintage from Jason Oliva [Wine] being bottled today.

Here is the bottle that I chose for [Stripey Horse]

A very exciting day today. I have chosen the bottle that will be used for [Stripey Horse] 2008 (250 signed and numbered bottles) I think its cool…not too heavy, not too light and also an eco-friendly/’Green” A great form all around to serve as the vessel for the amazing wine Dirk has created for me. Bottling will also start today and then bottled samples are sent off to all the governing body for this sort of thing. Its a tremendous amount of red tape.

Here is a picture of Dirk Roos below who will be hosting an amazing dinner at New York Vintners on October 11th…who knows there maybe a guest appearance from a single tasting bottle of [Stripey Horse] at some point..no promises though..ha ha

you can click on the image below for more details and ticket prices. I will be in attendance for sure.

I will be posting a lot of wine related things as the run up to the [Stripey Horses] arrival (late October). It is all very exciting for me to be so close to such a long term accomplishment and I would like to thank everyone involved and especially all the people who have been supporting the project by purchasing the wine. There is so much excitement and I am really happy that everyone is enjoying it all so much.

As always if anyone is interested in more information about [Stripey Horse] 2008, Jason Oliva [Wine] or how to obtain one of the limited edition bottles feel free to email me:

jasonoliva@gmail.com [Email]


PS: Here is another stunning shot of the vineyards where [Stripey Horse] was grown in Stellenbosch, South Africa

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