Jason Oliva [Wine]: [Stripey Horse] update

Hello Everyone,
I hope you all had a great summer. I have been busy launching Jason Oliva [Wine], which is turning out to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my art career. The 250 limited edition bottles have now been bottled so I thought I’d share some new pictures with you from South Africa prior to their arrival in the States.
Here are Ronel, Maiker, Elton & Jako using custom gravitational equipment to bottle [Stripey Horse]
Dirk Roos, my commissioned wine maker and good friend, has a very eco friendly approach to wine making and pulled out all the stops with our first release [Stripey Horse]. Here is what Dirk has to say:

[Stripey Horse] 2008

Hand harvested grapes from high lying environmentally friendly grown Cabernet Franc, Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards, in Stellenbosch, were used to produce this Bordeaux style blend. Bottling was done by hand using customised equipment and natural gravitational flow, therefore eliminating the use of electrical equipment and we used harvested rain water to clean all equipment. This forms part of my EARTH FRIENDLY EARTH CONSCIOUS approach to winemaking and ensuring a small carbon footprint.


Dirk RoosMOOIPLAAS WINE ESTATEPO Box 104, Koelenhof 7605, South AfricaWeb www.mooiplaas.co.za
…you can see in the following picture that the wine was also hand corked. This allows for a better seal that will protect the wine for long term ageing. Also [Stripey] was bottled with 49cm corks, the longest and most expensive money can buy. After this every bottle top will be hand waxed:
Bottles of [Stripey Horse] after being through the hand corking machine.
Also, if you wondered what this heroic eco friendly South African wine maker looks like, here he is:
Baks (Dirk’s number one cellar man) and Dirk Roos
I will have more pictures and updates as it gets closer to the wine’s arrival in late October. The bottle samples and label are both in the approval process and once approved, all 250 bottles will be exported from South Africa to New York.
 If anyone would like further information about  2008 [Stripey Horse] please feel free to email me at jasonoliva@gmail.com.
There are a number of other exciting projects in the works so feel free to follow along.
As always,

Jason Oliva [Wine] –

[Stripey Horse] 2008 South African Bordeaux Blend

Limited 250 bottles hand signed and numbered.

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JasonOliva.com [Stripey Horse] 2008 vintage from Jason Oliva [Wine] being bottled today.