Jason Oliva [Wine] : First Release [Stripey Horse] 2008 arrives in NYC

Stripey Horse, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Stripey Horse, New York City

Hello Everyone,

An exciting day. The first release of Jason Oliva [Wine] Stripey Horse 2008 has arrived via Stellenbosch, South Africa. It has been a long strange trip but an almost 24 year dream has officially been realised. I also have the most popular picture of my art career’s social media history…pushing 100 likes ha ha:

Signing 250 bottles and 20 Magnums in the studio

All of the pre orders are being filled as we speak and will go out in the post on Monday to avoid the heat and weekend.

Thank you to everyone for their patience and making this first of many releases to come so cool!

There are less then 20 bottles available and 10 Magnums if anyone is interested in acquiring one please email jasonoliva@gmail.com as soon as possible for purchasing information.

Also dont forget all the other [Stripey Horse] art objects!

‘Stripey Horse’

Hand Painted on Arches paper (Edition of 50)

Jason Oliva 2012

$600 (frame and tax included) free shipping nationwide (ask about international shipping)

and also:

[Stripey Horse], Zebra Sterling Silver ‘Frame’
[Stripey Horse] Sterling silver with Sterling silver chain

hand signed frame box with Stripey Horse Print

$300 including tax and shipping anywhere in the world

email jasonoliva@gmail.com for more information

Thanks again to everyone…The Summer of Stripey Horse is upon is!