Painting: Phone II by Jason Oliva 2013 & The Fading Art of Conversation.

Painting Phone II Jason Oliva 2013

Painting: Phone II
Jason Oliva
40″ x 32″

Private Collection: New York

Painting by Jason Oliva & The Fading art of Conversation

The commissioner of Phone II had a dream about the original Phone painting from 2004  but envisioned it in orange. Not wanting to duplicate another similar painting of a a rotary phone we conceived of the idea of a candlestick phone. Stay tuned for pictures of Phone II hanging in its new surroundings and also the opportunity to view and obtain Paper Works based on Phone & Phone II in the future.

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Jason Oliva NYC Artist Signature

The Fading art of conversation

by Sophie Oliva

It is strange to think it was not that long ago when mobile or cell phones were a personal possession of the few, rather than the masses. And before they were a personal possession of the few, well … even the few did not own them. Instead we had landlines and telephone boxes – if you wanted to speak to someone you had to pick up the phone and dial their number and then … wait for it …. speak to them! (or else put a letter in a postbox). That’s right kids, it really is true.

But oh, how times have changed. Isn’t it easy (too easy?) to communicate with someone or be communicated with, in this day and age. And the funny thing is, although we still refer to them as our ‘phones’, nobody really uses them to properly speak to each other. Just like the email replaced the letter, the text has replaced the telephone conversation.

I wonder how many people we would speak to on a daily basis if we actually had to speak to them?

And so the telephone above (Phone II. 2013) and the telephone below (Phone. 2004), apart from being fine paintings, also capture something of a fast-fading past, when communication required a little more effort and as a result, was perhaps a little more real.

Painting Jason Oliva Phone

Jason Oliva
40″ x 40″

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