Serge Hochar of Chateau Musar delivers a Master Class on Wine and Life Tasting by Jason Oliva

Serge Hochar of Chateau Musar, “Wine is a Miracle”.


Serge Hochar Chateau Musar Rouge
Chateau Musar Rouge: Flight One


Serge Hochar along with his son Marc arrived at New York Vintners in Tribeca on Thursday, April 25th 2013.  We tasted:

Flight One

Chateau Musar 2001 Rouge
Chateau Musar 1990 Rouge
Chateau Musar 1983 Rouge
Chateau Musar 1975 Rouge
Chateau Musar 1964 Rouge

Serge Hochar-Chateau Musar-Bland-Jason-Oliva-Wine
Chateau Musar Blanc : Flight Two

Flight Two

Château Musar 2005 Blanc
Château Musar 1999 Blanc
Château Musar 1981 Blanc
Château Musar 1970 Blanc
Château Musar 1966 Blanc

…with Serge Hochar and a group of about 20 others at New York Vintners in Tribeca (which also acts as my Art Gallery).

I could say a lot about the evening – the wines, for example, or the experience of having a glass of Chateau Musar wine from my birth year (1970) in my art studio – but I will keep it short because it was a Mountain Top moment meeting, talking to and tasting with Serge Hochar.

Here is what I learned from Serge Hochar:

– Where there is no challenge there is no fun

– Knowledge vs. know how (How you make things is your choice)

– “I make the wines for my own pleasure”-Serge Hochar

– Never follow the rules

– If a wine does not linger or become a memory, don’t waste your time on it

– Wine making is a gamble and so is life

– Don’t drink, taste! If you learn to take the time to taste your wine you will also learn how to better taste your life

– Take a minute..taste the wine..don’t talk..talking disturbs the brain…give your brain a chance to open a window and look at something new, confusing and hopefully attractive.

– Weather, Wine & Woman are the most unpredictable things in life

– Wine makes friends

– Wine is a global drink that is bringing the world together

– Wine is blood

– Wine is a miracle

– Wine is life

– Oohh La-La!

Thank you Serge and Marc Hochar for your friendship – and the best wine and ‘life’ tasting ever.

If you would like to learn more about Chateau Musar and their wines, visit their website and join Club Musar.

If you would like to learn more about life, book a ticket and visit Serge in Lebanon.

wine Jason Oliva NYC Artist Signature

Serge Hochar and Jason Oliva with his Statue of Liberty work on paper.
Serge Hochar and Jason Oliva with Serge’s Statue of Liberty work on paper.


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