Etsy Fireside Chat with Jason Oliva Seller Advisory Board Member

Fireside Chat with Etsy: The Etsy Seller Advisory Board

Hello Everyone,

As some of you may know I was appointed to the new Etsy Seller Advisory board along with 14 other Etsy Sellers from around the globe. We meet twice a year to discuss ways to help Etsy grow in a way to benefit its 1.6 million sellers. Its been hard work, fun and an honor to be apart of the Board and working with everyone at Etsy from Chad Dickerson the CEO and all the Etsy Admins. Recently I sat down at Etsy headquarters to discuss the Seller Advisory board and its role in helping Etsy to reimagine commerce. I also wanted to thank Robet, Kathryn, Caitlin, Jeff and everyone else at Etsy who worked hard on the Fireside Chat.

I hope you enjoy.


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PS here is a link to my Jason Oliva Etsy Shop