Recently sold Jason Oliva Hand Painted signed and numbered Winged Victory of Samothrace Large framed work on paper 2020

Jason Oliva home studio gallery NYC 2020 in front of Large Winged Victory of Samothrace work on paper

Recently sold Large Winged Victory work on paper by Jason Oliva

Close up of hand painted Winged Victory large work on paper by Jason Oliva

Jason Oliva Winged Victory hanging in the home studio Gallery

Winged Victory is the largest work on paper I have created. Framed it is approximately 44 x 64 inches. The challenge of painting such a large work on paper is avoiding a single drop of paint to fall on the paper….it would get instantly absorbed with no ways to correct it but start over.

Winged Victory Large Work on Paper ready for wrapping and delivery. Jason Oliva

Winged Victory is also available in a Medium and small framed size. All works on paper are signed and numbered, large works are in an edition of 50. If you would like to learn more about this or works on paper available for purchase please see the link below.


Jason Oliva