Cat portrait commission 2019 by Jason Oliva “Hamish and Macbeth”

Framed Hamish and Macbeth 2019

“I like doing cat paintings”

Jason Oliva
HAMISH AND MACBETH 2019 cat portrait by Jason Oliva on the easel.
Hamish and Macbeth 2019 paper study created before painting by Jason Oliva

I completed Hamish and Macbeth in 2019 and the painting now resides in its owners home in London. Pet portraits are great to have….I always like the idea that for most of an animals life they look one way so any painting of them other then when first born really captures their life in its entirety. Also most pet owners have those one or two they love that always make for great source materials. I have done tons of cat, dog, and horse portraits..even a racehorse. When commissioned I always go through the same process of a paper study before the buyer commits and then we can both work on choosing a background color…I never paint portrait commissions with a background for several reasons but mostly because I like how they all look when displayed together as one ongoing large body of work.

If you are interested in a portrait, pet or otherwise please feel free to reach out and we can discuss pricing and procedures.


Jason Oliva