Last Supper: Jason Oliva’s most popular Hand Painted work on paper during 2020

Small Hand Painted work on paper of Last Supper by Jason Oliva available for purchase online

Last Supper 2005 painting by Jason Oliva [SOLD]

Jason Oliva [Sold] Painting Last Supper 2005

Work in progress Hand Painting a Last Supper work on paper by Jason Oliva

Fully Framed Last Supper work on paper by Jason Oliva

By far the most liked, inquired about and purchased work on paper during covid lockdowns has been my Last Supper. I painted the original painting in 2005 and it represents the exact proportions, groupings of Apostles heads and their angles of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mural in Milan…extremely simple and instantly recognizable.

If you are Italian than you more then likely grew up with a Last Supper hanging in your home or maybe one of your Grandmother’s homes…it was more then likely a small relief sculpture made to look like polished bronze…jogging any memories for anyone? Originally for me the image came about for large outdoor sculpture that would use the drawing at a 1:1 ratio of the original 1490’s Mural. Once I drew it I knew it had to be a painting. I kept the original proportions of the original mural and divided it across three canvasses mostly because I feared at the time the painting needed something to add to its interest so I used some interesting math to determine the divisions. It became the show piece at my 2005 NYC John Allan art show it was a huge hit and sold instantly. Over the years it became one of the most inquired about paintings I had written about and people began requesting a work on paper version and the rest is history.

I am not sure exactly what is causing the spike in sales of the Last Supper in 2020. Last Supper is hand painted, frames, signed, and numbered in an edition of 100. If you would like to join the growing ranks of collectors of the Last Supper work on paper feel free to click below for purchasing information: Click Here for Last Supper Purchasing details and information


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